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impsTALK.co.uk will be Liam Parker’s home and away kit sponsor for the 2008/2009 season. As with last season, we’re hoping that this can be a collaborative sponsorship for those who cannot afford a full sponsorship of their own, but who do fancy helping the club.

At the end of the season, all fans who have donated £10 or more will be placed into a hat for Mr Parker’s sweaty shirt(s).

The cost of the sponsorship, minus donations from the impsTALK crew, is around £170 – so…. er….. 170 divided by ten…. er…… uhhhhh – right, yes, we need a mere 17 people to volunteer £10. And fewer if we can get Mick 'The Bastard' Taylor drunk enough to open his wallet.

So, if you fancy contributing, simply send a tenner (or more) off to impsTALK and your name will be put in the hat at the conclusion of the 2008/2009 season.We’ll be paying the club up front for the cost of the sponsorship (ask Craig if you don’t believe us), so you’ll need to send your cash to us – not the club.

Ways to contribute

impsTALK can accept Pay Pal contributions – but be aware the commission is quite high, so we’d prefer donations only of £12 or more by this method if possible.

To make a donation to Liam Parker's sponsorship:

Drop impsTALK an e-mail or a PM on the forum and we’ll send you the details.

Online banking
If you want to pay by online banking, drop us a quick PM or an email and we’ll let you know which account details to use.If, by some miracle, we manage to raise more than £205, we will still stick your name in the hat and will forward additional funds to the club.

We’ll let you know if/when we reach the total required, however, but if you fancy helping the club out of the kindness of your heart we are certainly not going to stop you.

In the interests of transparency and all that, neither Pete nor Adam’s name will go in the hat, and we’ll have a certain impartial aquamarine-wearing hack draw the name out of the hat at the end of the season.


Proving once and for all that scurrilous rumours of an impsTALK ‘curse’ are, in fact, completely without foundation – much like Mark Isaac – Boston United brushed aside the spirited Spartans of Blyth on Saturday, with impsTALK sitting in the posh seats, chomping on prawn sandwiches while listening to Farmer Dan the Boston Fan belittle Micky Nuttell.

Actually, impsTALK was choking on its prawn sandwich after discovering the official matchday programme had labelled the site as a mere ‘internet messageboard’. Gah! The humanity! Of course, we all know that you all visit the site for the cutting edge satirical-, ok, the hilarious-, we mean, the riotou- ok.... fine. The forum it is.

Sadly, the Big Proper Sponsors ignored our tame attempts to have Tony Crane elected man of the match and instead opted for an even more wacky choice: Jon Froggatt. Bonkers! Don’t get us wrong. Mr Frog had a decent enough outing, but Paul Ellender surely deserved the award for an outrageous afternoon of skill, trickery and all-round masterful entertainment that makes Lionel Messi look like Titus Bramble, or £560,256 per-week clogger Wes Brown.

Pictured above standing awkwardly with grogged-up Froggatt are Wrexham 5-a-side hero Johnny Chapman (right) and impsTALK hound Adam Upsall, standing in for the other camera-shy ticket winner while sporting the magic aquamarine scarf that bestows upon the wearer Super Journalistic Powers (indeed, moments after the above photo was taken, Adam was off lifting the lid on the dark cancer of corruption at the heart of the 2012 Olympic committee while simultaneously reporting Hillary Clinton’s increasingly farcical bid to become the Democrat nominee for the US Presidential election).

Many thanks to all who donated - and keep your eyes peeled for next season's plans, when we can arsed to get around to sorting something out. If, in the meantime, you wish to donate, feel free to use the below Paypal button things:


To make a donation to the Boston United fund:

To make a donation to the Boston Town fund:

Previous sponsorship activities

2007/2008 - Boston United v Blyth Spartans - matchball sponsor

2006/2007 - Boston Town v Wellingborough - matchball sponsor

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