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8/1 Barry transfer saga to drag on until Villa fans are gouging their eyes out with teaspoons | Register now! Now!

Villa blast Liverpool’s laughing off of Villa’s laughing off of Benitez dismissal of Villa complaint

Barry denies denying something Villa said he might have done while Liverpool deny everything, so someone is clearly fucking lying - but we'll just carry on reporting the whole sorry charade as FACT from unnamed 'insiders' and 'sources' to keep us in a job and our cocks in the greedy arses of our masters.... MORE

O’Neill: No, Barry deal most definitely not done
Barry says deal definitely done
Ronaldo: I'm a crack-whore
O’Neill denies Barry deal done
Barry agent says deal almost done

Premiershite League Two
Rafa: Yes, I’m interested in Barry
Rafa: I’m 100% not interested in Barry
Liverpool deny admitting Barry interest
Liverpool admit Barry interest
Rafa: I’m not interested in Barry
Luton implode
Accrington liquidated
Rotherham bust
Lincoln substitute starves to death
Dagenham bankrupt

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