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Absolutely incandescent with simmering rage that you’ve missed your favourite show? Wishing you can exact bloody retribution on a society that simply doesn’t understand your frustration at missing the final episode of Footballers’ Rape Trials?

Do as Jack does, and that's a motherfucking ORDER

Well, now you need NEVER miss an episode ever again. With the revolutionary new Skam+ box, you can record every moment of every show on every channel to watch when YOU want, because the world always revolves around YOU and what YOU want.

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An evening on the sofa with your family. Ugh. Can you really imagine anything worse? Conversation? Contact? Responsible parenting?

Fuck that. Simply subscribe to Skam Multiroom®, and you can lock yourself away in utter isolation to watch your favourite television shows, away from any kind of physical human contact.

With Skam Multiroom®, your nine children can watch Babestation Extreme +1 in one room and you can lock your partner in the basement to daydream about trips to the Maldives she’ll never be able to afford on Skam Travel - all while you gawp at monstrously over-paid teenagers running around a football pitch on your HD-ready plasma screen.

And why can’t your partner afford trips to the Maldives? Because she let you subscribe to the impossibly expensive Skam Multiroom® so she can watch shows about the Maldives on Skam Travel +1 while you watch Skam-endorsed Premiershite football, that’s why.

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