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Worksop Town

Club Details
Send hate mail to:

Worksop Town Football Club
New Manor Ground
Awsworth Road

Telephone - 0115 932 4094

Matchday prices: Adults – God knows
Concessions – You tell us
Kids under 16 – Climb a tree or something
Who the hell are Worksop?
Fittingly for a series of Rough Guides rapidly running out of steam, not to mention enthusiasm, a brief flick through the annals of Worksop’s history reveals little of note apart from their early FA Cup exploits (see Claims to Fame below). The club spent most of their time sat squarely in the Midland league.

They won the league in the mid 60s and were founding members of the Northern Premier League - but were immediately relegated back to the Midland after one miserable season. They only returned to the NPL in 1974 after two successful campaigns and this time they were able to retain Premier Division status for fifteen years until relegation to the NPL Division One in 1989.

Worksop returned in 1998, just after Boston had vacated to the Southern Premier. A string of very impressive top ten placings helped them become founder members of the newly created Conference North in 2004, but their league form evaporated. Finishes of 17 and 19 and, terminally, 21, saw Worksop relinquish their position as a Step Two side. Last season, their first back as an NPL club, they finished ninth.

Claims to fame
Worksop’s history is, frankly, a little dull. Nine billion centuries of Midland league mediocrity is hardly going to excite a neutral. It is in the dusty archives of the FA Cup we must look to root out the good stuff.

In 1907/1908, Worksop reached the first round proper and were drawn away at Chelsea. The match drew an enormous attendance in excess of 70,000 fans – and it proved too much for the Nottinghamshire minnows, who were spanked 9-1.

Years later, Worksop again found themselves daaaahn saaaaahhhf, facing a London giant. This time it was Tottenham Hotspur – and this time the result was hugely different. The tinpot non-league outfit caused a huge upset by holding the top flight team to a 0-0 draw. Records fail to mention it, but it’s a sure bet that the result led to a downmarket London rag arranging a photoshoot with the gaffer and three young ladies in a gratuitous ankle-exposing shot.

Somewhat controversially, the replay was held at….. White Hart Lane and the riled Spurs trounced Worksop 9-0.

Last few seasons
2008/2009 - 17th in Northern Premier League
2007/2008 – 9th in Northern Premier League
2006/2007 – 21st in Conference North
2005/2006 – 19th in Conference North

Where do they keep getting caught offside?
Not in Worksop, is the short answer to that. After being locked out of their own ground at Sandy Lane, Worksop will be ground sharing with Ilkeston Town for the 2009/2010 season, a similar arrangement as last season's tenancy at Hucknall Town.

And Ilkeston, as we know, is lovely.

Can't wait.

So. Hucknall....
Woo! A trip to Ilkeston!

Marvellous. Just when you think you've manage to avoid a trip to somewhere you really don't want to go.... BAM!!! If we're not getting drawn in the FA Cup to bloody Workington, clubs like Worksop are getting evicted and forced to play their games elsewhere.

If our witheringly sarcastic attitude to the prospect to re-visiting the Manor Ground hasn't already given you hint as to what we think of this shithole, please feel free to re-visit our (old) Rough Guide to Ilkeston itself to have your suspicions confirmed. Click HERE old chap!


Official site
Worksop forum

Anything to add?
Tell us more about Worksop, recommend a pub or try and obtain our bank details by E-MAILING us.

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