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North Ferriby United >> 2008/09 >> Rough Guide > North Ferriby United

Club Details
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Grange Lane
Church Road
North Ferriby
HU14 3AA

Telephone: 01482 634601

Matchday prices: Adults – £7
Concessions – £4
Kids under 16 – £1
Who the hell are North Ferry River?
For the sake of convenience, much of the information on these rough guides is inevitably gleaned from Wikipedia, the often badly written, discredited open-source repository of half-arsed knowledge. But that’s okay, because we’re in a league that is, by its very nature, half-arsed.

And perhaps no other club entry sums up the half-arsedness of the Northern Premier League than the opening sentence of North Ferriby’s which states: ‘North Ferriby United were formed in 1934 as a result of a village meeting during which it was decided that it would be a good idea to form a local football team’.

Hell yeah! ‘A good idea’! That’s passion, right there. Not recorded on the Wiki page is what else happened at the meeting: the village committee decided it would be a ‘good idea’ to plant five new shrubs in a flower-bed recently cleared by Mr Campbell-Reeves, the retired teacher who had taken up gardening as a means to escape the evil clutches of his wife; that it would be a ‘good idea’ to fix the broken light bulb in the kitchen and a ‘absolutely marvellous idea’ to paint the fascia boards.

The club folded some years later, only to be reformed after the war, when they entered the East Riding Amateur League. After a number of years winning, the club entered the Northern Counties East League. Promotion would have been secured in just their first season but the usual ground problems kept them where they were. However, the necessary work was completed in time to allow their 85/86 title win to be rewarded with elevation to the top NCEL division.

The club’s trophy cabinet was, in the mean time, being stuffed with the 1991 NPL Presidents’ Cup and various East Riding Senior cups. The cabinet almost saw the addition of a prestigious national cup – the FA Vase – in 1997, but a hefty 3-0 defeat at the hands of Whitby Town meant North Ferriby had to console themselves with runners-up medals.

The club was finally promoted to the Unibond League in 2000, with the club having completed the necessary work on their ground. Five years later they were celebrating another title triumph having won promotion to the Northern Premier, and they were unlucky not to win promotion to the Conference North in 2006/2007, with only a playoff defeat to Farsley Celtic standing between them and an all time high in the pyramid system. This is, clearly, a team on the up.

Claims to fame


Dancing goat, anyone?

North Ferriby fans! Don't sit there in shaking your head with incredulity because we couldn't find a single connection between your club and Big Proppa Football! Let us know you once employed a lad whose dad was once cuffed around the ear by Brian Clough while being called 'young man' by sending us an e-mail!

Last three seasons
2007/2008 – 15th in Northern Premier League
2006/2007 – 13th in Northern Premier League
2005/2006 – 5th in Northern Premier League
Where do they keep getting caught offside?
Grange Lane, as if you didn't know that already. Here are two images of the ground:

And if that's left you drooling for more hardcore Grange Lane action, clickity click your browser HERE.

Is North Ferriby really THAT close to Hull?

With a population of barely 4000, North Ferriby is quite literally a village – albeit one situated on the outer western fringes of Kingston-Upon-Hull.

The village sits in the shadow of the bridge that spans the vast expanse of depressing, brown murk we call the River Humber and, as you might already have guessed, the name is derived from the ferries that connected North Ferriby with South Ferriby back when the Danes were settled in the area building boats.

According to the Wikipedia entry, ‘several members of the rock/indie rock band, TripManhattan, live in the village’ – a fact we’re absolutely sure was not added by a member of rock/indie rock band TripManhattan.

She's a beaut, mate!

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Anything to add?
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