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Every now and then the guys behind this sorry excuse for a website actually meet face-to-face. And when they do, hilarity often ensues. Well, either comedy gold or bickering about why Boston United are dogshit. Sometimes it is captured on tape and committed to mp3 by Adam using the fancy Mac he's always boasting about.

impsCAST #16 - 24 January 2009
So, Boston actually managed to score an actual goal in an actual NPL game. It's actually amazing.

It's certainly worth an impsCAST, so Pete, Adam and long-time listener, first-time caller Chris gathered post-match to wrap up Boston's 1-0 win over Kendal Town.

impsCAST #15 - January 2009
impsTALK returns for 2009 with another dose of speculation, insinuation and half-baked attempts at intelligent analysis LIVE and DIRECT from Meadowhall's Pink carpark.

Featuring Pete, Adam and Johnny discussing Tommy Taylor's sacking, Steve Welsh's appointment and why this season has turned out to be as terrible as it has. Click PLAY to listen. It's not difficult.

Autumn 2008: impsCAST #14

Not even mentioned once

impsCAST #14 - John Blackwell exclusive interview

Tired of listening to a couple of know-nothing no-marks prattling on about Boston United as if they think they're Sony Award winning broadcasters?

Us too. Which is why impsTALK presents this EXCLUSIVE audio interview with the man himself: United's legendary Mr Cheerful - John Blackwell.

Click play to listen to the club secretary speak to the nation's fifth favourite unofficial Boston United webzine about life in the sepulchral nether regions of the English football pyramid.

Click play:

Summer 2008: impsCAST #13
impsTALK return with a brand new podcast in the wake of that 1-0 win over FC United. In this second edition of the season we have a new voice as Jonny replaces Pete, thus reducing the number of inane filler 'y'knows' by 56589%. Press play to listen.
Listen and subscribe at: ITunes

16 July 2008: impsCAST #12
Want to hear two blokes chatting in a car park on a Sunday afternoon about Boston United saying 'y'know' every two seconds? Don't answer that.

But DO listen to the first impsCAST of the new season as we review the demotion and preview the season ahead.....

You can either stream the podcast using the player below, download the file or subscribe to the Itunes feed. Whatever floats your boat.
Listen and subscribe at: ITunes
Listen to the 2007/2008 podcasts >>HERE

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