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Saturday 09 February 2008 - Conference North
Kick off 3.00pm

Boston 2

Ellender 40
Stevenson 45

Telford 1
Moore 67

Boston: Rayner, Bloomer, Weaver, Matthews, O'Redcardohan, Ellender, The one who wears the tights, Nicholls (Joyce 75), Rowan (Green 46), Stevenson
Subs: Ex-Busted star James Bourne, Thompson, Wood, Joyce, Talbot

Telford: Whitehead, Young, Vaughan, Carlton, Turner, Fitzpatrick, Rodgers, Adams, Forsdick, Lewis, Moore
Subs: Marsden, Birch, Jagielka, Durrell, Wood

Att: 1572

That concludes today's updates - a big thanks to Adam at the ground with his missives. There'll be another min-by-min on Tuesday night. Catch you then.

Peeep peeep peeeeep!!!
A FANTASTIC victory for Boston United that. Boston were defensively rock solid today - that slip up from rayner excepted - and fully deserved the win.

90+3 - A real frantic finish!
Ellender picks up his customary booking for elbowing some hapless Telford defender into next week.

90+1 - Jagielka shoots..... but too high -
Jon Stevenson is announced as man of the match.

89 mins -
FOUR minutes of stoppage time......

86 mins - CHANCE!
That lad with the tights plays a wonderful cross across the face of the goal, and Stevenson is inches away from finishing it. Boston are pressing forward and are succeeding in suppressing Telford....

82 mins -
"There is still another goal in this," says Adam, although rather crucially neglects to tell us for which team....

75 mins -
Get chewing those fingernails - this is going right to the wire. Ben Joyce is coming on to replace Ashley Nicholls to make his debut.

68 mins
- "First mistake I've seen from Rayner," reports Upsall.

GOAL!!! Boston 2, Telford 1
67 mins - Arse! Rayner's made a real hash of that. having spent most of the game singing his praises, he's now let a 25 yard Lee Moore volley squirm past him. You'd never catch Tony Crane doing that... when he plays in goal for the Dog and Duck.

65 mins -
"This ref is shocking," says Adam. Nothing to do with that penalty shout, by any chance?

61 mins -
Things are becoming ever slightly more frantic now as the full-time big time charlies poke and probe at the tinpot pub team and look for a way back into the game.

60 mins -
Another corner for Telford - and ANOTHER take from Rayner. Superb!

54 mins -
Corner for Telford, of which they've had a few. Clean take from Rayner. He's been immense again.

52 mins -
Boston have a penalty shout waved away, the referee judging that the Telford defender getting the ball.

46 mins
- Rowen has injured himself and so makes way for
Ex-Busted star James Bourne, which is a bit of a blow. "Liquid football!" says our impsTALK hound. "That was a great goal."

GOAL!!! Boston 2, Telford 0
45 mins - Bloody hell! Jon Stevenson is played in one-and-one with Whitehead by Jon Rowen with a textbook slide-rule pass and, cool as you like, plonks it in for a 2-0 lead!

45 mins - Right, second half gets underway...

Peep! Peeep!
Half time, and Boston lead 1-0. Blimey. Apart from that, feck all happened. Woo.

44 mins -
"What a cracker!" reports the impsTALK newshound, referring, I assume, to the goal rather than another female linesperson. "Been saying it all game - we're bloody brilliant!"

43 mins -
A Telford corner comes to nothing. Well, well. A half-time lead against Telford eh? We'll take it. We just need to hold onto this for a couple of minutes.

GOAL!!! Boston 1, Telford 0
40 mins - Ellender scrambles home a goal from nothing after a good downward header is saved by Whitehead following the corner!

GOAL! Boston 1, Telford 0 Ellender scrambles home a goal from nothing after a good downward header is saved by Whitehead following the corner!

40 mins - We've wasted sufficient time -
Boston have a corner. Thank GOD.

40 mins - impsTALK Desk Minute-by-Minute Updates -
"Original I presume?" Well, yes. Big Eat. Bigger surface area, hence greater wind-blown velocity.

39 mins - impsTALK Desk Minute-by-Minute Updates -
"What type of crisp?" asks Adam. Quavers.

38 mins -
impsTALK Desk Minute-by-Minute Updates - Outside the window, a bag of crisps is blowing in the wind.

37 mins -
impsTALK Desk Minute-by-Minute Updates - the spider has reached the windowsill. It is now running towards a bundle of wires connecting the Netgear router to the phone socket.

36 mins - impsTALK Desk Minute-by-Minute Updates
- a small spider is lowering itself from the window in front on impsTALK's desk.

35 mins -
Yawn - "Anything interesting happening there?" asks Upsall. "Because nothing is here." We're going to take a break from the football folks and continue with impsTALK Desk Minute-by-Minute Updates.

30 mins -
....which, thankfully, comes to nothing. O'Redcardohan breaks forward, but the move is broken down expertly by the visitors.

29 mins -
This is quite possibly the dullest half hour of football ever. Which means we're doing something right. Corner for Telford though....

24 mins - Oops
- I apologise. I fell asleep on my keyboard. Meanwhile, impsTALK can break EXCLUSIVE news that NOT a SINGLE Boston United player is wearing tights today. Which can only be a good thing. "But," Adam says, "they're all playing like a bunch of girls." That's not good. "If they score first, that's it. Which they probably will." C'mon, Chinn Chinn Adam, it could be worse. You could support Newcastle. Or Crawley Town.

22 mins -

18 mins -
Not a lot has happened. In fact, nothing's happened on the pitch. Bring back Steve Evans.

16 mins -
impsRAKE #5658 - Cookie's talking about that manager of the month award. "Tommy immediately put it down to the players," he says. "Most managers do though. Well, except one that we know." No idea who he's referring to.

11 mins - Some things never change -
"Very poor start," sighs Adam. "It's going to be a long 90. Tony 'The Crane' Crane still class though." Good to hear.

7 mins - That Telford team in full
- Whitehead, Young, Vaughan, Carlton, Turner, Fitzpatrick, Rodgers, Adams, Forsdick, Lewis, Moore Subs: Marsden, Birch, Jagielka, Durrell, Wood.

3 mins -
"Very very impressive, and I thought Telford were well worth the three points," says Chris Cook, alluding to the 1-1 draw earlier in the season. We'll let him off. He scored at Wembley you know.

impsTALK hound Adam Upsall reports a 'fair few' away fans have made the trip in an otherwise 'average crowd', as you'd expect from the best supported club in the division. 'Stevenson up front on his own, boo' he says.

2.55pm - The teams are trotting out.
Today's Boston team:
Rayner, Bloomer, Weaver, Matthews, O'Redcardohan, Ellender, The one who wears the tights, Nicholls, Rowan, Stevenson. The subs are ex-Busted star James Bourne, Thompson, Wood, Joyce, Talbot.

First - the good news! Boston United currently occupy third place in the Tinpot Pub League form table -and that's despite last week's baffling defeat at Hyde. It was certainly enough to bag Tommy Taylor the manager of the month award, an award he was quick to attribute to his players.

The bad news is that Telford are second. And to make matters worse, Taylor has failed miserably in his efforts to sign Gainsborough Trinity this week, meaning the team this week pretty much picks itself. A bit like England under Steve McLaren, except without the player power bit. Boston are particularly short on strikers. Our solution? Simple. Stick Crane up front. Problem solved. he played there for Wednesday.

Meanwhile on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Keith Alexander, like 98% of football managers, is supporting the Premier League's daft proposals to take a game abroad. Michael Hortin is gamely playing devils advocate. "It unbalances the league doesn't it?" he protests. "If you were manager of Birmingham and you drew manchester United, you wouldn't be very happy - would you?"

"Hey, you won't complain if you bring in an extra £5m or £6m," Alexander replies, failing to grasp the fact that if your fellow relegation strugglers are also getting £5m/6m it renders the entire exercise pointless - and that's if the manager even sees a penny of the dirty cash once the players have asked for another £65,000 a second to even contemplate setting foot on a plane, or the owners have creamed off enough to service the £6.7 trillion loan they took out with RBS to buy the club in the first place.

There's no need to be miserable though - Newcastle are getting stuffed at Villa Park as I type. You have to love 'em.

T'other lot
'Formidable' we said back in August. And that still holds, with Telford hovering a mere five points off Kettering at the summit of the table, even if their away form is what's really hindering them as they seek to reel in the Poppies. To say that Telford had a brush with financial difficulty would be like saying Peter Sutcliffe had a brush with the law, and their resurgence is nothing less than impressive.

Crap prediction
A Telford win. 3-1.

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