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Saturday 27 January - League Two
Kick off 3.00pm

Walsall 1
Butler 19
Boston 1
Dann (OG) 24

Walsall: Ince, Westwood, Roper (Gerrard 18), Dann, Fox, Wright, Pead, Dobson, Keates (Demontagnac 78), Butler, Sam (Cederqvist 72)
Subs: Bossu, Cederqvist, Demontagnac, Taylor, Gerrard

Boston: Marriott, Clarke, Ellender, Thomas, Nicholson, Kennedy, Vaughan, Greaves, Farrell, Broughton, Richards (Green 76)
Subs: Maylett, Green, Holland, Galbraith, Stevens

Referee: G Hegley
Att: 5058

Lavaflow's last stand
From bad to worse?

That's yer' lot - Good point for Boston today (maybe I'm a lucky touch?), not particularly helpful in terms of moving up the table, but as long as the team managed to hover above the bototm two places, we just have to rely on the club's financial situation holding out long enoiugh for... anything to improve it. Tar, Adam.

Interview time! As usual, a player, Andy Marriott this time, has "held his hand up" to accept the blame for Walsall's goal. Hmm. Walsall only had one chance in the second half, while Boston apparently played some flowing football (although Scott Dalton choses to play along with this and agree). His Lordship informs us that Ellender received a couple of stitches, before going on to mention something about financial survival and other unimportant things.

Other results - Chester 1, Mansfield 1; Rochdale 5, MK Dons 0; Darlington 1, Wrexham 1; and of course, Torquay hilariously thrashed Grimsby 4-1 last night.  ALl in all, it puts us 19th - a point ahead of Accrington Stanley, but 17 goalsworth behind Rochdale, with Macclesfield a further three points ahead with a by far superior goal difference.

Peep peep, peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Walsall 1, Boston 1.  Boston grab a deserved point, and, according to Paul Raynor, people up and down the country will be "praising Boston United for picking up a good result at Walsall."  Whistle has gone at Sincil Bank as well, with Lincoln beating Peteborough 1-0.

90+1 mins - We head into the first of three stoppage time minutes...

86 mins - Flipping hell! Scott Dalton nearly breaks my radio screaming about what a great save Andy Marriott just made.  YET ANOTHER corner for Walsalll comes to nothing.

Big match update #3 - Grantham Town 1, Ocid Town 2 as the Gingerbreads put themselves in with a chane.

82 mins - CHANCE - Ellender just manages to get rid of the cross.

Thought - Wonderful thing, this e-mail, isn't it? (HINT!)

80 mins - From what Chris Cookdescribe as "40 or 45 yards", Jason Kennedy goes very close with a long range effort.

79 mins - Jamie Clarke totally fails with an attempt from a free-kick.

78 mins - Some guy with a really long name comes on for Walsall.

76 mins - Green comes on for Richards, and goes close with his first touch, somehow hurting himself in doing so.

72 mins - First caution of the afternoon as Mark Greaves accumulates one. Lincoln 1-0 up agaisnt Peteborough.

70 mins - A mummified Paul Ellender comes back on to the pitch while Butler cracks another one over thebar.

68 mins - Yet another corner for Walsall that comes to nothing. Ellender is still off and Boston are with ten men.

65 mins
- In the mean time, Boston won a corner (!), before nearly getting hit on the break.

Treatment for Ellie
- Some sort of head injury to Ellender, who is taken (fighting) down the tunnel for, presumably, stitches. No sub as yet.

63 mins
- Corner. Guess who for?

62 mins
- Total nothingness.

Please! I'm telling myself that people are just forgetitng the different address, but I would really like confirmation that there are living souls reading.

55 mins 30 seconds
- And another.

55 mins - Yet another corner for Walsall.

Was it something I deleted?
The text below has all gone together. Edit: fixed it.

49 mins - Sounds like Walsall are putting the pressure on. Nicholson clears. Twice.  Another corner for Walsall, which comes to nothing.

Here we go again - Will natural order be restored this half? Will Drewe Broughton get sent off?  How much, in pounds, will the club's debts increase by in interest this half? Answers to (most of) these questions coming up.

Big match update #2 - Gainsborough Trinity 0, Mooregreen 0. Oh yeah, and Grantham are actually 2-0 down, rather than 2-0 up.

Half time entertainment - Fly Swatter, which tells me my 43 swats to kill ten flies in 47 seconds is "sucky", and, for Christ's sake, e-mail in something. High scores, hatemail, ANYTHING!

Attack! Attack! Attack, attack, attack! Corner to Boston, some ping ponging of the ball, before the half-time whistle goes.  Yet more whistles and boos from the Walsall supporters (in the region of 8000 apparently).

I'm learning
- Just discovered that it's Jasons Richards, not Tom Richards. More screaming from the home supporters. We're into stoppage time.

43 mins
- Corner for Walsall, Wright puts it in. More boos from what Radio Lincs describe as "a melee in the box", resulting in a freekick to Boston.

- After crossing back to Walsall, a chorus of boos comes through.  The Boston bench is mentioned, so we can assume Evans has been complaining about osmething. After some other Boston player (probably a loanee) gets a talking to, so does Bradley Thomas to cries of "Off!" from the crowd.

Big match update -
Grantham 2, Ocid (sp?) Town 0

37 mins
- Token update - Vaughan, to Broughton (who has not yet been sent off), into the the keeper's arms.

32 mins
- Freekick for Walsall, Boston get rid of it, Walsall get it back and it results in Westwood putting a header over the crossbar.

I get it!
Mick's e-mail actually said it's available on "paper view", not pay per view.  Hmmm...

- Mick Taylor informs me that "impsTALK have just won the rights to screen the first World Origami Championships   live  from Tokyo."  Unfortunately thoughm he also says it's only available on PPV. Get sending in more e-mails, for example, can someone explain to me that last one?

24 mins - GOAL
- Boston forget their place as the whipping boys, as Clarke crosses for Mark Greaves to head it, apparently onto a Walsall players' boot.

Former player goalwatch
- Elding scores for Stockport, that makes it... urrrm, 2 in 2 for him.

22 mins
- Jamie Clarke tries to curl one in. Fails.

20 mins -
Allegedly, Richards just had a chance to equalise for Boston.

19 mins - GOAL
- normal service resumed as Butler gets through the hapless defence, through Marriott and into the net.

14 mins
- We're back.

- Radio Lincs have screwed up the Boston commentary.

9 mins
- Across the goal, this time Brad Thomas saving Boston.  While Dreamweaver is playing up, a corner comes in. And then another.

7 mins
- Off the line from Ellender, after a free-kick, results in a long shot.

4 mins
- Wide shot from Walsall.

2 mins
- Corner to Boston. Does nothing.

- Here comes the first half of the latest afternoon of pain.

- Teams are in, see above for details.

Well, today will sure be a contrast. The usual efficient minute-by-minute will be replaced by one limping along with incorrect spellings and failing witticisms.  Hopefully though, this will become less noticable as you start spouting abuse when the Pilgrims let in their third goal of the afternoon.Last week, the Pilgrims faced a tough challenge, playng (but more importantly, raising a team for) the second-placed Swindon Town.

After mullering the Robins 4-1 at the Staffsmart Arena last season, and then having the nerve to equalise after Swindon took the lead in the tenth minute, Boston finally found their level when goals from Michael Pook and Blair Sturrock sunk the Pilgrims.

In Boston United's Greatest EVER Relegation Season, they have won just twice in fourteen attempts away from home, racking up twelve losses.  Table-topping Walsall have won an ominous eleven of their fourteen home games.  Boston could upset the odds and become just the second side to beat them at the Bescot this season, but, let's be honest: they won't.
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