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Fizzy Cola League Two
Saturday 23 September 2006

Boston United 0

Rochdale 3
Dagnall 7, 34
Doolan 89

Marriot, Clarke (R.Ryan 46), Greaves, Ellender, T.Ryan, Green, Talbot, Galbraith, Farrell (N-Gage 65), Elding, Tait
Subs: R.Ryan, Davidson, N-Gage, Kirby, It'll be Albrighton The Night

Rochdale: Gilks, Jackson (Ramsden 82), Stanton, Sharp, Goodall, Doolan, Crooks, Jones, Dagnall, Sako, Barker (Moyo-Modise 61)
Subs: Cooksey, Clarke, Ramsden, Moyo-Modise, Rundle

Referee: D McDermid
Att: 1709 (166 visitors)

Cheap shot. But necessary.

Final reflections

Says it all. The fans couldn't give a flying fuck, and the Yellow Belly Derby is up on Wednesday. Given the contrasting fortunes between the two teams, it's obviously going to end up with a Boston United triumph. See you there.

FULL TIME - Boston 0, Rochdale 3 -
There's a lot of points still to be played for, but the problem essentially is that Boston are just not going to get many of them. Time's up Steve, for so many reasons it not even funny.

89 min - Goal!
0-3 to Rochdale. Doolan. That's it. We're down. We're down.

88 min
- Elding pays for the miss by being substituted.

86 min -
Seconds after David Galbraith is named as man-of-the-match, to someone applauding, Elding blazes a glorious opportunity to pull a goal back into the underside of the stadium roof.

84 min
- As you can tell from the lack of on-pitch action, Boston look about as likely to make a comeback as John Gregor- ah......

82 min - Rochdale sub: Jackson off, Ramsden on.

79 min -
Two Bit again. "Much abuse for Evans and i guess it will not be his fault that we lost," he says. Of course. It's all Hendry's fault.

75 min -
The Dale are doing a very good job of keeping Boston quiet. "If I were a Boston fan, I'd be extremely worried about the season," says the BBC man. "The football is shocking, appalling. They look like a side that's going to struggle badly."

69 min -
The Posh are being tonked again: 2-4 down at home to Hartlepool. What IS going on at London Road? They looked extremely strong on their visit here.

67 min -
MNH is not happy with Evans' sub. "That was baffling," he says, scratching his head. "Faz was doing well."

66 min -
"Is The Fraudster (sorry Evans) in the dug-out or in the dock.....sorry in the stands?" asks Two Bit. Er, the stands.

65 min -
Boston sub: Farrell off, N-Gage on! Will he actually NOT be completely, utterly shite today?

61 sub -
Rochdale sub: Moyo-Modise on, Barker off.

61 min -
He's back: "Me again. It is great we have got rid of that useless manager. What do you mean we still have him. Sack him. Mr two Bob bit"

56 min -
Gilks performs a wonder save to prevent Sharp putting through his own net!! That's just how potent Boston's attack is.

53 min -
Boston finally put Dale under pressure but are failing to create anyhting for poor old Elding, who apparently looks so frustrated he very well might lamp someone. And we're not joking.

48 mins -
Let's hope Swagbag Steve has worked his magic in the dressing room at half-time. He is the messiah after all.

Second half is underway
- and Jamie Clarke makes way for Richie Ryan.

MNH Dispatches -
MNH, barely audible over the half-time scores, gives his vedict. "None of 'em are arsed," he says, before revealing Raynor is running out to hand Richie Ryan a bit of paper. Sub on the cards.

- IS THAT IT!!?? Is that ALL you can muster Boston? A slight 'Boo.....'? BBC Radio Lincolnshire cut off from the Lincoln City game because they were expecting some kind of protest, or a riot, or SOMETHING!

Half-time -
Boston two goals down, what else can you say? The boos are audible, but the dissent goes no further than that. The fans clearly couldn't give a monkey's.

43 min -

39 min -
"For the first time EVER, Raynor has sat down," says MNH. "That's how passionless it is."

36 min -
A less than impressed MNH simply states: "All aboard the Conference Express". Choo-choo!

Rochdale double their lead! Dagnall scores his second, lifting the ball over the hapless Marriott. Rochdale had scored THREE times coming into this game. PATHETIC! (So far, says impsTALK, covering its back in case of a dramatic comeback).

30 min -
Greaves doesn't look too knackered, according to roving reporter MNH. It's Galbraith who's in line for the Wooden Spoon. "Keeps getting muscled off the ball," he says.

25 min -
Green tries an audacious 30 yard drive! It swerves wickedly and Gilks does well to palm it away for a corner!

22 min -
Going back to the Dale fans' 'Cheat' chants: "Technically they're wrong - Boston aren't 'always' cheating - sometimes they're committing criminal acts," says Townie. "A technicality I know, but an important distinction."

21 min -
Chance for Boston! Tait defeats the Dale offside trap, is left one-on-one with Gilks but attempts to square the ball the Elding. The Dale keeper is swiftly off his line to cut out the attempted pass and the chance is squandered. "It's Tait, say no more!" chuckle the BBC, who think, frankly, Tait is a joke.

20 min -
"Greaves looks absolutely knackered," the BBC commentators marvel. "He's huffing and puffing like a granny!" Welcome to the wonderful world of Boston United.

17 min -
Boston are unlucky not to equalise with a totally freak goal. Gilks is caught out by the pace of Elding, and his hurried clearance almost rebounds and dribbles into the net.

15 min - MNH Dispatches:
"This could be bad. Really bad," he warns, ominously.

12 min -
Chance for Barker! Drilled shot goes six inches wide, but he was offside anyway. So, er, it wasn't a chance then.

9 min -
Ellender elbows someone in the face. No booking.

8 min -
Talbot gets a booking after a crunching challenge on Crooks. 'Same old Boston, always cheating' sing the Dale, and who can blame them?

7 min - GOAAAAAL!!
Rochdale take the lead!! Crap, er, where was I? I'll just put my cup of Nescafe down. Chris Dagnall bags a close range effort - the corner came in and Ellender flicked it right into the path of the Dale man.

5 min -
"There's been nothing tentative about this start" say the BBC.

MNH Dispatches -
impsTALK's roving reporter Mickey Nuttell's Hair is at York Street today and is standing on the half-way line in the Spayne Road terrace. "Nobody since Neil Armstrong has stood in this much space!" he exclaims. Good turn-out for Swagbag then.

0.0000005 seconds -
Chance for Rochdale, Marriott defeated by a Sako cross but the danger hacked away!

3.00pm -
Evans is still a criminal, and the match kicks off!

Down with the kids #2 -
One of Lincoln City's players (I missed who) is a fan of the Stone Roses, it emerges, forcing the station to again play a track not 75 years old. If only we could pay Stewart Talbot to admit to being a closet fan of Melt Banana.

Texts -
"I'd rather have Gerald Ratner as manager"

Preamble -
So, 83% of Boston United fans want Steve Evans to feck off.

Fact is, he ain't going anywhere, and Crazee Jimmy ain't talkin' either.

That's where we are at the moment, and however disgraceful it is, there's a game of football to be lost (or drawn). And what better way to celebrate another 84 hour coach ride to Brighton in the, er, ah.... sorry, I have to admit I've completely forgot ton the name of the cup thing that was drawn today. Let's just call it The Cup Formerly Known As The Auto Windscreen Cup. Brighton. Again! We missed out ties with the big boys. Doncaster got Huddersfield, and Carlisle got Accy. Watch out for the linesmen up there.

The United first eleven: Marriot, Clarke, Greaves, Ellen, Ryan, Green, Talbot, Galbraith, Farrell. Elding, Tait. Swagbag Steve will be playing 4-4-2, and has briefed his boys to attack all guns blazing. This has nil-nil written all over it.

The opposition? Rochdale, hmmm, well, they're below us in the table and not one of their players has managed to score more than a solitary goal, albeit five of them are stuck on that less-than-impressive mark. Steve Parkin is capable coach (and he's not a crimin- no, no, come on, let's move on) and today's game will certainly prove to be a sterner test than most fans expect.

Historically, Boston have had few problems seeing off the Dale at home. Of the four home game played so far, the Pilgrims boast three wins and a draw. Away from home it's not quite so good, three defeats and a draw.

Boston 3, Rochdale 2
Rochdale 1, Boston 1

Rochdale 2, Boston 0
Boston 1, Rochdale 1

Rochdale 1, Boston 0
Boston 2, Rochdale 0

Boston 3, Rochdale 1
Rochdale 1, Boston 0

Boring fact about Rochdale (stolen from Wikipedia)
"Rochdale gets its name from its position on the River Roch at the edge of the Pennines. The Domesday Book records the town's name as Recedham, which is made up of Rached (Celtic river name) and ham (OE homestead). Over time this changed to Rachedale and finally Rochdale."

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