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The internet: one giant pain in the arse.

If you're not fretting over whether you'll get caught Facebook-stalking that weirdly compelling freak in Accounts, you're despairing over The Sun's garish website, finding obscure bands from Portland you'll never see or drunkenly subscribing to the online broadcasts of your third favourite American sport.

Yet for fans of obscure football teams in obscure towns, the internet is a a vital tool for keeping up to speed with events at the association football club you're too ashamed to admit you support.

Here's a few links to help you in your quest to follow The Pilgrims as best you can, along with a few more random links thrown in, just 'cos.

Boston United sites

Ken Fox's Boston United site
It's over ten years old and still the indispensable historical guide to our favourite debt-ridden crisis club

Boston United Official Site
Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Boston United Supporters Association
BUSA's home page.

Boston United FC Supporters Trust
'SITE LAST UPDATED 94-November-2007'. Pretty much sums it up.

Boston Fever
Obligatory template Rivals thing, plastered with adverts.

Adam Upsall's Pilgrims Pages archive
Before there was impsTALK, there was Pilgrims Pages.

Local Newshound sites

Lincolnshire Echo - Boston United page
Daily(ish) news from the Sports Echo.

Boston Standard
It's not Duncan Browne, it's Duncan Rich Havana(e).

Random football sites

Football and Music

The magnificent Grimsby Town fanzine. In all our years glued like sad little basement-dwellers to the interweb, trawling the earth for football websites on which we can waste yet more minutes of our pathetic, inconsequential little lives, we have yet to discover any site matching the quality of writing on Codalmighty. Thoroughly brilliant.

There are 156,125,898,256,429,971,233,196 football blogs created every second. Which makes reading them all a bit hard. And even if you could, it would be a complete waste of time because 200Percent is probably the best one impsTALK's ever come across. Fresh, incisive and updated daily. Which is something impsTALK has yet to achieve.

Random music sites

Evil Scarecrow
Nottingham's finest parody metal outfit. Even if that whole gothic-growling thing ain't your bag (it certainly isn't impsTALK's), you just try not dancing around your room doing that robot dance.

Pete Green, Codalmighty contributor and thoroughly entertaining When Saturday Comes writer, has done what impsTALK has never got round to doing; namely learned how to play more than two chords - and sing and write songs and stuff. Here's his site. Listen to some MP3s. Buy a CD. Rejoice.

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