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Don your black ties folks - we've got bad news. We're calling time on efforts to revive the impsTALK forum. It is dead. Gone. Finished. It is an ex-forum. After two and half years of sterling service, it has gone the way of Fisher Athletic, Ricky Hatton and Inbetweeners 'Bus Wanker' jokes.

Attention now turns to whether an AFC Forum Talk of the Imps will rise from the ashes. Well, having spoken at length today, the impsTALK crew decided that we will not be reviving the facility at all, and even if it does suddenly spring into life unexpectedly, we'd probably look to move it on.

Why? Because, frankly, we haven't got the time (and, clearly, the ability) to keep the wretched thing ticking over. The forum was originally established after the demise of Pilgrims Patter to try and provide some temporary respite to those offended by the colour scheme of that other site that also no longer exists. We had no intention of the board being a long term feature of impsTALK, mainly because they take a lot of looking after - and, evidently, we're not competent carers. Not like good old Ken.

So, sorry about that. We'd like to thank everyone who used the forum - aside from the odd gay porn hacking here and there, we like to think the board recaptured some of the spirit, and terrible spelling, of the very early Patter days, and we didn't suffer nearly as much trouble as poor old Foxy did running that in its latter days. Thanks also to the good Dr for hosting the forum (it's not his fault, we hasten to add - it's probably ours) and to Andy Sandall who helped us set it up originally.

We'll happily plug any forum that springs from the ashes, so long as it's not littered with shit adverts and hosted properly. Just let us know where to look. And if anyone wants any advice, please do feel free to drop us a line at editorial@impsTALK.co.uk.

And to the poor sap who takes on the role of running the next Boston United forum - no, we can't give you all the previous user names and details. They're gone. 1&1 ate them.

So it goes.

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