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impsTALK is a Boston United website. Got it?

The name 'impsTALK' derives from the very first incarnation of the site which first appeared in May 2002 with the express intention of giving the mighty Imps a hearty boot up the backside into liquidation.

We know. Cruel. And karma saw to it that we got our just reward, with Boston United's increasingly comic Football League campaigns culminating in the return of Steve Evans and the near collapse of the football club in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

impsTALK retained its name simply because we never got around to renaming it pilgrimsTALK. Not that we can now, since the Lincoln City Trust nicked that domain name and have been squatting on it for a couple of years, the cheeky fecking bandits.

impsTALK was created in May 2002 by Pete Brooksbank and he's the guy who continues to write the majority of this stuff when he should really be doing something more constructive, like working or eating fruit. He left Boston in 1999 and lives/survives in Nottingham now.

Pete has written about Boston United for When Saturday Comes and has, in the recent past, been commissioned to write, ahem, 'comedy' for BBC Radio 4. And you moan about your licence fee going down the drain?

impsTALK's deputy editorialiserationiser is Adam Upsall. He's from Leeds and recently converted to a Mac. One of those facts is very important. What is of more pressing importance, however, is that Adam's carbon footprint is obscene, so much so that he was once occupied by Greenpeace protesters.

Adam Upsall: He's the guy on the left. Not the player. But that should be obvious. Why the fuck would a player start a fanzine website about the club he plays for? He'd have to be right loser to do that.

Additional material comes from all over the place. It's probably best if we don't betray the names of all those who have contributed or helped out, but those we don't mind landing in the shit are: Adam Hildred, Mark Isaac, Andy Sandall, Pat Everitt, Andy Butler, Stefan Cooke, Paul Gauntlett, Mick 'The Bastard' Taylor, Richard O Smith and Chris Cook Print Shop.

impsTALK is particularly indebted to Ken Fox, who hosts the site. What would we do without Ken Fox? No, seriously. What the hell would we do?

Official sponsors

When Saturday Comes
impsTALK is largely ignored by the...well, actually, impsTALK is largely ignored by absolutely everyone, which is probably because, in the words on one blogger, we're 'an obscure parody site of an obscure English football team'. Which is fine by us. But our peace was briefly shattered in September 2005 when we were reviewed by Ian Plenderleith, of When Saturday Comes. It was a life changing moment.

Thanks to the endorsement deals sent his way, Pete was able to quit his job staring at databases and wondering what the hell it was his company wanted him to do with them, while Adam had to flee Leeds to escape female fans on mopeds chasing him down the street. Everyone wanted a piece of impsTALK's ass - we're happy to say in most cases we resisted the trappings of such international fame. Apart from the cocaine. It always gets you. It always gets you.

Famous(ish) in September 2005

The Logos
impsTALK has had more banners than it has had parking tickets. Here's a selection of logos of days gone by....

Vital Statistics

: 452 visitors
2003: 211 visitors
2004: 871 visitors
2005: 16,175 visitors | 29,544 page impressions
2006: 38,170 visitors | 95,846 page impressions
2007: 78,135 visitors | 208,950 page impressions
2008: 95,093 visitors | 185,844 page impressions

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