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Ten Questions.... Johnny Chapman >> 2008/2009 >> Ten Questions >> Johnny Chapman

Sheffield-based Johnny Chapman gives impsTALK the answers to its wacky end-of-season question list......

Let’s kick off by patronising one of the two-bob poxy village outfits we’ve visited this season by asking you where our Brave Lads battled against the slope with the most severe gradient this season?
There have been some slopes but I can't remember where. Prescot Cables definitely had the longest grass though.

Where did 2008/2009 rank on your Worst Ever Season list?
Well Steve Evans wasn't managing us, so clearly it wasn't the worst.

Alas, there was no trip to Tebay Services this year, so where was your favourite stop-off for some preposterously expensive grub?
Eighth Day cafe in Manchester and that curry house on Great Horton Road in Bradford were both excellent.

Who was Boston United’s third best player this season?
Aaron Butcher.

Pilgrims fans returned from Kendal convinced Boston United were going down. Many started eying up clubs in the division below, and reacted with horror at the thought of Boston lining up on equal terms with some hamlet like Grantham. Which lower-NPL side was it that filled you with the most dread?
Spalding, because in 1979 I started taking the slightly longer journey to Boston from Gosberton on Saturday afternoons as the Pilgrims were a bigger club than the Tulips. It would be sad if my glory-hunting would all have be pointless 30 years later.

Apart from Boston itself, in which town did fear for your physical safety the most? None really.

Let’s get controversial. Should Steve Welsh be trusted to lead the Pilgrims into 2009/2010?
Academic now. In a way it's a shame he never got to play his own team but it would have been difficult to give him the job after the goalless run.

If you had a choice between staying in the Northern Premier League or moving south, would you stay put? Although just to be clear, you’re not important enough to make this kind of decision.
NPL, I live in Sheffield.

Who will be next season’s Adam Millson?
I'm hoping the lad himself recovers from his broken tibia to be next season's Adam Millson

Swine flu: end of the world, or embarrassing hysteria for which Sky News and Twitter are largely culpable?
Well according to Pete Davies' book Catching Cold we're due another pandemic, but 24 hour news have got to talk about something....

Have you got a favourite/worst moment of the season? E-mail your suggestions to and we'll publish the best ones. If we get any.

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