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A-Z.... with sinister Sheffield Wednesday chairman-in-waiting Jon Sotnick

Ex-Boston chairman and Sheffield-based tyrant to be Jon Sotnick answers his A-Z questions for
What is your AMBITION in football?
To own every club and build a hotel next door to each and every one.

Best BOOK you’ve read?
Hotel Management and Operations by Denny G. Rutherford and Michael J. O’Fallon.

What CAR do you drive?
I have a fleet

Favourite DRINK?
One-balled dictator – a cocktail with wine/port

Favourite ELECTRONIC gadget?
The internet – it’s a great way to sell your house.

Favourite FOOD?

A £4.50 Sunday carvery at Darlington’s Non-Reynolds Arena

Which GAME do you particularly remember from your career?
The one at Cheltenham where I met all the fans and they loved me. Including that Isaac chap. That’s when Jim Rodwell was manager because I was yet to sift through ALL the candidates and pick the best applicant.

What’s the best HOLIDAY you’ve ever enjoyed?
It was 12-month stay in a place called Boston. Just bummed about having a laugh really, not a care in the world.

Who is your sporting ICON?
Peter Ridsdale

An example of Sotnick's 'success' at a previous club

Who is the team JOKER this season?
Steve Evans keeps pretending he wants me to buy this little place called Crawley

What’s your KARAOKE song?
Hotel California or Money, Money, Money

Do you have a LUCKY charm or superstition?
I like to buy a club before I start supporting it.

Favourite MOVIE of all-time?
Woody Allen’s Take The Money and Run

Which NEWSPAPER do you read?
The Financial Times/Sheffield Star.

If you weren’t a footballer, what would be your OLYMPIC event?
Stadium Construction.

Sotnick in happier times. MONORAIL!

Favourite PREMIERSHIP club?
Portsmouth – Pompey fans are passionate about football.

Who is the QUICKEST player you’ve ever faced? Mick Vines is pretty fast if he spots you in town.

Favourite RADIO station?
Galaxy FM – they sponsored my last arena.

What other SPORTS do you like watching?

TOUGHEST opponent?
Boston Borough Council’s planning committee

Sotnick's vision for redevelopment at Darlington: the local planning officer requested the giant laser be positioned at ground level as it blocked sunlight to 653 houses

Did you go to UNIVERSITY?
Didn’t need to, Jim’s Britain’s third-brainiest footballer

Which possession do you VALUE the most?
Everything - it’s just other people’s possessions I don’t value.

What could you not live WITHOUT?
Hotels, money, owning football clubs, Jim.

When was the last time you had an X-RAY?

I had some blueprints of Cuckoo Land done. Does that count?

What was your last YELLOW card for?
It was a post-it note from SportsFund Ltd.

What ZODIAC sign are you?
Pisces. Slippery.

Steve Evans Fanzone

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