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impsTALK can reveal that the mystery fan who was invited into the Boston United dressing room to berate the hapless Pilgrims was none other than Lucky Competition Winner Doug Hutson.

United fans were left dumbfounded on Saturday when United gaffer Tommy Taylor SHUNNED the traditional post-match interview and opted instead to invite a SUPPORTER into the visitors’ dressing room after the disappointing 2-2 draw at Leigh RMI.

To be perfectly honest, we can't remember what this picture was made for

Under-pressure Taylor was so appalled by his players efforts that he decided to employ a shock tactic used to great effect by Gary Megson at Nottingham Forest two years ago, shortly before he was sacked.

And the man he picked was Doug Hutson, already a familiar name amongst about a dozen Boston fans after he was selected, completely at random and ahead of every single other person in the entire world, to hand ex-goalkeeper Andy Marriott an award earlier this year.

“I’m not even a Boston fan,” Hutson admitted. “I was in Leigh on business. I’d just eaten a lukewarm lamb and mint bake from Greggs as I was passing the ground and mentioned in passing that the pastry item was substantially below my expectations and it just wasn’t good enough.”

A raging Taylor, overhearing the remark and mistaking it for a critical indictment of his players' efforts, hauled Hutson into the dressing room to deliver his damning verdict in a face-to-face dressing down of the underperforming Pilgrims players.

“Go on, let ‘em 'ave it then!” the normally laid-back Taylor is alleged to have ordered Hutson, telling the incredibly fortuitous winner: “I’ve told ‘em all that wuz a load of Watford Gap but they all ‘fort I was havin’ a Steffi Graf….Oi, siddaahn Craney, you ain't got a Danny La Rue mate. Sod the lotta ya. I’m gonna go sit on the Uncle Gus wiv me loaf in me brass band. Bosh!”

With the despairing boss having retreated to the team coach, it was Hutson who was left with the unenviable task of facing a squad of despondent United players and delivering a tactical debrief on their pitiful second-half collapse.

“I offered around what was left of my lamb and mint bake, but no-one seemed interested. Apart from one big bloke,” Hutson told today.

Dramatic it might have been, but Tommy Taylor’s stunt has not been warmly received in all quarters. Important Boston fan Bob Mugfret-Fishhead was left incandescent with rage when he heard the news, believing himself to be a far more worthy, and important, candidate to spew forth of a torrent of vile abuse at the United players.

“I’ve been following Boston come rain, snow or shine for thirty years,” he roared. “I’ve called Jim Kabia a [snip - ed], I told Dave Cusack to [snip - ed] my [snip - ed] with an [snip - ed] and I invited Steve Evans to [snip - ed] his [snip - ed] with a [snip - ed] and a lubricated snooker ball. And not once have I ever been invited into the dressing room. How come this Doug Hutson gets all the luck?"

“I guess I was just in the right place at the right time,” the Lucky Competition Winner shrugged.

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