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With Boston United playing away at Franchise Scumbags FC, it seemed fitting that impsTALK and its readers should dig deep and sponsor the matchball for Boston Town's home fixture with Wellingborough Town in the UCL Premier yesterday (March 3rd).

The match was certainly far more entertaining than anything witnessed thus far at York Street this season, although the majority of the goals were scored by the visitors in a 5-2 defeat for the Poachers. The result inevitably led to a number of people telling us not to bother ever sponsoring another matchball.

impsTALK did, however, capture a not-very-spectacular Gary Bull goal on video, although the camerawork makes Abraham Zapruder look like Stanley Kubrick. We missed the other Town goal. Yes – the long range Beckham-esque free kick. We won’t give up the day job.
Gary Bull's 80 yard bicycle chip! Well, they all count...
Absolutely nothing happens. Perfect YouTube video.

Nevertheless, it was extremely refreshing not to hear the exasperated shrieks of a demented Scottish maniac wailing across the pitch. impsTALK was also surprised to discover that an overly-aggressive confrontation with match officials and/or opposition manager isn’t actually a pre-requisite of membership of the FA. You really do learn something every day.

Although no more sponsorship is planned for the rest of this season, impsTALK hopes that circumstances might be such that we can do something for both Boston Town and Boston United next season, dependant on funds, collective will and the outcome of the York Street soap opera.

Thanks to all who donated this time, and special thanks to Andy Butler who liaised with John Rose at Boston Town.

Further details can be viewed on the Wellingborough Town official website, including a match report and far better match pictures.

4 March 2007

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