You've HEARD about the legend that is Steve Evans. Now see his legacy with your OWN EYES!! You won't BELIEVE what you see!

Crazee Jimmy's Cabinet of Curiosities and Museum of the Strange
The Staffsmart Dungeon
The Staffsmart Arena
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29 March to 31 October
Seven days a week, 12 noon - 4.30pm
Plus Bank Holidays
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If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We can reduce the focus to a soft blur, or sharpen it to crystal clarity. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. Come along and allow us to control all that you see and hear.

You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... Crazee Jimmy's Cabinet of Curiosities and Museum of the Strange

Let Crazee Jimmy be your guide as you are introduced to a whole new world of mind scrambling artifacts, eye boggling exhibitions, UNBELIEVABLE facts and oddities collected from South Lincolnshire.

Open your eyes, open your mind..... and open your cheque book!

Attractions and exhibitions

An introductory video at the start showing highlights of Evans playing career at Celtic, Man Utd, and Bolton, all interspersed with interviews with Steve's great friends in football, from Steve Bruce, Ally McCoist, Stan Collymore, Chris Waddle to Paul Gascoigne, Craig Brown, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Pele, Marco Van Basten and Colin Calderwood.

A display showing Steve Evans ticket stub and program from the 1985 FA Trophy Final

See the official attendance records showing the mythical crowd of 420 present for the DML game prior to the arrival of the Messiah...

Gaze in awe at the legendary Feasibility Study that justifies why a club with barely 1,600 home fans desperately needs to move to a 10,000 capacity all-seater stadium...

Travel down into the depths of history with a guided tour of the 'Sewers of Doom', crumbling and collapsing under the York Street car-park...

Marvel at the waxwork gallery of experienced managers who were all deemed worse than Steve Evans when Jon Sotnick took over the club and needed to appoint a new supremo...

Read the enchanted scouting reports, breaking down the strengths, weaknesses and tactics of next week's opponents, all magically written despite the scout sitting in the Staffsmart stand during the game, sometimes up to 300 miles away from the game he's reporting on...

Be confounded by the display of mindswirling sentences that always start with the words "I'm not going to make excuses...' but manage to get at least 5 cast-iron excuses in before a full stop is reached...

Watch in wonder at the disappearing crowd trick - see 'crowds of 8,000 a week' miraculously turn into 1600 people before your very eyes...

Be astounded by the 'Math-a-magician' as he juggles with statistics to prove beyond all doubt that Steve Evans is the greatest manager in the history of the club...

Explore the filing cabinets and files that contain the overall budget and individual player wages breakdowns of every club in professional English football that Steve likes to refer to for research before speaking to the media

A dramatic reconstruction of the conversation Jon Sotnick had with the unamed FA official a couple of seasons back at FA headquarters, where the FA official wanted to tell Jon just how pleased the FA were with the way Steve's disciplinary record had improved so much in recent months.

.....and much much more!!
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