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Boston United announce ‘scouts go free’ in 05/06

Boston United have announced next season’s ticket prices and have unveiled an innovative pricing structure to attract new fans to York Street.

The club has also announced a ‘Scouts Go Free’ incentive for next season. Chairman Jon Sotnick told impsTALK that the move was designed to attract scouts who might otherwise have gone to a club nearer a motorway.

‘Imagine you’re a Wrexham scout,’ said Sotnick. ‘You want to take a look at Martin Hardy, because you’ve picked up the Non-League Handbook 1998 by mistake. Can you be arsed to drive across the country and then be charged over the odds to watch some half-assed knock around? Of course not! But now we’re offering free entry to all scouts, and by doing so we're sending a strong message. Make no mistake, next season will be sell, sell, sell. And sell some more.’

To qualify for free entry, each scout must sign a document confirming they will instruct their club to make a bid for every Boston United player on the books within 5 days.

Local supporters will also be affected by the new pricing structures.

Important Boston United supporter Bob Mugfret-Fishhead commented: ‘Whatever. I get free tickets from my mate at The Magnet anyway.’

Those details in full:

StiffMaster stand: £18.00 on the day, no concessions. If, however you buy the tickets no less than 152 hours in advance, tickets are £16.20, unless your name begins with A, B, H, J, K or W, in which case tickets cost £72.90 + VAT, including a £4.50 booking fee charged on Mondays and Thurdays only.

Town End: Away fans will pay £105.56 per game, no concessions. Should a game fall on a national holiday, an additional surcharge of £55.06 will be added. Lincoln fans will be charged £1.65 to use the toilets.

York Street Stand: This stand will carry a ‘wooden bench arse killer’ discount of 0.5%. To qualify for this discount, fans must be either dead or incapable of attending the game.

Spayne Lane: Adults £18.50, children under 1 month £18.45. No other concessions, except there are now cash prizes handed out to fans for each chant/song that doesn’t die a speedy and frankly embarrassing death the moment the away fans start laughing.

Season ticket prices remain unchanged, apart from the £6000 renewal fee that will be officially announced once you’ve bought your ticket.

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