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Pilgrims on course for ticket record, says Blackwell

Boston United could be heading for record complimentary ticket giveaways, the club has revealed in a breaking news exclusive revealed only to impsTALK in today's WEDNESDAY UPDATE.

Free ticket allocations have been increased for those supporters heading to the Coach and Horses early enough and it represents great value, with the offer giving fans free entry to York Street for every home game.

Club secretary John Blackwell was highly delighted with the supporters’ response and commented: ‘The last few days have been excellent. We are definitely on course for a record number and anyone wishing to take up this amazing offer should take my advice and hurry down to the pub to pick up their free tickets.’

In other news, Boston United have announced that they have almost sold out of season tickets for 2005/06.

Despite 85% of current ticket holders polled by impsTALK saying they wouldn’t be renewing, the club claimed to have almost sold out as of yesterday (Tuesday) following a ‘mad crush’ at the club offices..

‘It was madness,’ Blackwell claimed. ‘We had to use taser guns to quell the anarchy. These were obviously passionate fans.’

Blackwell refused to comment on speculation suggesting the ‘fans’ were actually irate Manchester United season ticket holders recently priced out at Old Trafford. Rumours persist that the fans were bussed into Lincolnshire and forced to buy Boston season tickets at gunpoint for publicity purposes, having being told they would be attending a rally opposed to the takeover of the Red Devils.

‘That’s absolutely true… er, I mean false,’ Blackwell said. ‘But fans needn’t be concerned. We have a handful of tickets left over, about 6,570 or so. These will be on sale tomorrow, so fans had better hurry if they want to renew.’

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