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BlimpsGo90/Steve Evans banned from Patter
Evans banned after stating Evans is ******

Steve Evans will no longer be able to post on controversial Boston United forum Pilgrims Patter after he was banned by Boston United last night.

The banning order came at the request of Chairman John Sotnick who took offence at postings made by Evans posting under the user name BlimpsGo90.

BlimpsGo90 made several postings comparing John Sotnick to a series of unusual farm animals. The user also likened Jim Rodwell to a 'crooked deciduous tree', and then made a defamatory claim about his own personal life.

'Steve Evans is a **** who **** for ****, he eats *** for ****** and takes it in the ******,' BlimpsGo90 claimed.

A furious John Sotnick said: 'These claims are contemptible. I have immediately instructed Ken Fox to bar BlimpsGo90 from the forum. One thing I can’t abide is lies, pure and simple untruths that have no grounding in fact. I don’t have Colin Woodcock posting falsehoods or propaganda on the official site so I won’t accept such postings on Patter.’

Evans has told impsTALK he will be launching legal action against BlimpsGo90, and will likely become the first person in history to attempt to sue himself for defamation of character.

Sotnick is also investigating why forum moderator Craig Singleton, chained to his PC by Sotnick three weeks ago and kept awake by Japanese water torture, was not able to delete the postings immediately.

A bleary-eyed and confused Singleton apologised this morning, stating: ‘Mother, aunties, fence posts. I’ve not slept for three weeks. I’m going crazy. I think I nodded off. Cable chain monkey wrench. Violin tree huggers, maybe it’s speaker wires?’

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